My trip to Estonia/Tallinn in Summer 1999

baltic.jpg (64094 Byte) Switzerland surgeon is helping those ho fall down
(Uncensored original translation)
Fortunately, for sport lifestyle having Estonians, Switzerland world noted surgeon arrives to Tallinn and shows to his Estonian colleagues new way for knee joint operating. "Nobody is protected from knee joint band lesion", says Artosportkliinik’s president Kaido Meitren. "Firstly beginner sportsmen, water- and mountain skiers, roller-skaters and so on are in danger" – added he.
On Saturday, Switzerland joint-surgeon dr.Andreas C. Stähelin, presented for our surgeons his new, less hurting, knee joint operation technique.
"Stähelin’s operation difference is that he do not use drill for making new tendon’s holding sockets, but he use special instrument that is like screw-driver. For patient it is less hurting, redressing is more and human may return to his life more quickly, and it is much more cheaper", explains Maitern for "Õhtuleht".
Using Stähelin’s method patient may play football in 6 month and ride bicycle in few weeks.
Stähelin, ho is making 500 operations a year, is using plastic screws, that melts later, instead of metal screws. "They are more expensive but in summary more human sociable. They will not squeak in the airport", says Meitern.
Meitern says, that knee joint band damage happens very easily. Low fall down, and twist at the same time is enough. Operation is not possible immediately – bleeding must stop and leg must start to move again, but if you leave knee without operation it may start "coming out".
In Estonia knee joint operations are made only in Mustamäe hospital and in Artosportkliinik, that is on Pärnu maantee in old publicist house. According to Meitern’s words there are 100 that sort of operations in a year, but there are 800-1000 people waiting their queue. For medical insure cards owner operation costs 2500, for others it is 13 000 EEK.
Clinic’s tip-time is usually in spring, when health sportsmen came back from mountain skiing.

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